Guide to Buying Wine – The 3 Ps of Buying Wine and Other Tips

sparkling wineWine is one of the highly coveted and most loved drinks across the globe due to the many benefits it has to the people who take or use it. It is known to complement good meals and has also been linked with anti-oxidants that protect the body from aging and certain diseases. Unfortunately, buying wine is like looking for roofers in Decatur, there are so many alternatives for you to choose from.

With so many options, choosing the perfect wine bottle can be daunting, especially for someone who has little knowledge of wines. This article discusses the three Ps of making a wine purchase and other tips you should consider when buying your grape drinks.

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Wine and Health Issues

Red WineStudies have provided us with facts that wine has its health benefits. For instance, drinking in moderation can reduce one’s chances of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments. After all, there are some components in this drink that are good for the health including bioflavinoids, resveratrol and antioxidants. All of these substances support circulation of your blood while minimizing risks of atherosclerotic disorder linked with your blood vessels. There are also some claims that this beverage helps lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol). As a result, you can maintain a normal cholesterol level, which can mean great things to your heart.

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Wine Selection and Pairing with Food

wine and saladThere are certain food items that go well with wine, and it is a matter of knowing how to pair your drink with what you eat to achieve a truly spectacular gastronomic experience. In fact, the art of pairing food with wine is a practice that dates back centuries ago. What is taken into account is the local cuising and the type of wine in a particular region. Since this beverage is designed to accompany food, it is not surprising that people have determined which food item is compatible with a wine variety. Hence, the combination of the aroma, flavor and texture of the drink and food highlight every meal.

When it comes to pairing your drink with food, there is no absolute guideline, although connoisseurs agree that there are always some rules to consider. For most individuals, however, it is all about what works great for them. Yet, you cannot deny the fact that once you have found the perfect match for your food, this could leave you craving for the same burst of flavor on your mouth.

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Types of Wine

There are various types of wine styles, and these come with their unique taste, aroma and texture. So, if you are looking to learn more about these types, read along and discover interesting features of each.

Whitewhite wine

Table wines or dry wines may be red, white or rose. Generally, the sugar content is less, as compared to other types. Hence, the name “dry” is used because of the lack of sweetness in the taste.

White wine comes from white grapes, and the fermentation performed helped obtain the dry texture. There are some white wines that are dry including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnary and Viognier. As for other types of white wines that have some slight hint of sweetness in them (yet not too much as what dessert wine has), among these are those produced in Alsace, Austria, and Loire Valley. The Riesling, Muscat and Chenin Blanc grape varieties are used for these white wines.

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Wine Tasting – Developing your Sense of Taste

Red WineTo taste wine and appreciate it completely, this requires practice and experience. After all, there are subtleties that come with it, and you should be able to tell a good wine from a better wine by applying your wine-tasting skills. If you are looking for the basics on this skill, then this post should be helpful to you.

Initially, you open the bottle and pour the wine to your glass. These processes may seem too simple, but there are mistakes that can be committed such as pouring an excessive amount of wine. When opening the bottle, you have the option to use a screwpull or corkscrew, depending on your preference. Then, you should pour just 1/4 of the glass – just enough to taste the wine and notice qualities you are looking for. Next, swirl the liquid and sniff it before, which is exactly why you should not pour too much of it in the glass.

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How Grape Varieties Impact Wine

wine grapesThere are different wine varietals, although this beverage only comes from grapes. Yet, the variety of grape used has an impact on the quality and taste of wine, which sets one apart from the other. By having an understanding of what these varieties are, including their individual features, you can also appreciate wine and discover your own preference.

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The Wine Making Process

stomping grapesThe process of making wine is an intricate one, which involves several steps and careful application of techniques to produce the finest quality and texture. Vinification refers to the process involved in planting grapes to transforming these into wine. There are also different processes applied from one wine producing region to another, as much as there are different varieties of grape used.

When it comes to grapes, the ones used may be white or red, and the choice depends on whether the wine produced is sparkling, white, rose or red. With this in mind, fermenting time, the decision of soaking with the marc and adding preservatives are taken into account based on the type of wine made. Below are the essential processes involved in wine making.

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